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Unlock your creativity with fundamental mindfulness practices.


Cultivate expansive cognitive spaces, allowing new ideas to flourish by recognizing and breaking habituated patterns.


These transformative practices provide a foundation for nurturing creativity.

Mindatory Individual Lessons

Choosing this option provides flexibility and customized training tailored to your specific needs.


Pause and Unlease Creative Power

Creativity thrives on novel ideas. Harness the power of mindfulness pauses to disrupt automatic and unconscious cycles of thinking and feeling. Identify impulsive reactions that may affect work quality and cultivate a more creative and thoughtful response.


Content Highlights

  • Explore how external stimuli often trigger automatic and unconscious response patterns.

  • Learn the skill of employing the mindfulness pause to interrupt habitual patterns that inhibit new ideas.

Mindfulness Exercises

  • Practice 'The Mindfulness Pause Meditation,' leveraging the 'sacred pause' to reevaluate and re-calibrate between stimulus and response.

  • Engage in 'Mindful Eating' to cultivate mindfulness during meals. Utilize the mindfulness pause to focus on the present moment, sensations of eating, and avoid distractions and emotional eating.


The Mindfulness Approach To Inspired Thinking

Embark on a transformative journey to explore mindfulness at its core, focusing on attention, intention, and acceptance to enhance your creative thinking. Develop essential skills in setting mindful goals, embracing reality, and navigating challenges, all crafted to unlock your creative potential.

Extend the application of mindfulness beyond work tasks to infuse creativity into your daily life, fostering a more balanced, well-being-centered, and inspired approach to living

Content Highlights:

Intention: Set mindful goals aligned with your values, recognizing incongruent actions and emotions, providing a foundation for creative exploration.

Attention:  Distinguish between beneficial and non-beneficial objects of attention, to foster clarity and creativity.

Acceptance: Learn to embrace the present without judgment, coping gracefully with impermanence and change, essential for a creative mindset.

Mindfulness Exercises:

Arrive in the Now Meditation using mindfulness aspects of attention, intention, and acceptance. 

Mindful Working: Apply mindfulness to work tasks for a flow state, enhancing productivity, well-being, and happiness through awareness, intention, and a positive attitude, fostering a creative work environment.

Mindatory Train The Trainer Lessons

Choosing this option provides organizations with exclusive materials and support.

More Content - More Training - More Continuity



  • A comprehensive Train the Trainer workbook featuring the agenda, instructions, objectives, and presentation tips.

  • Live observation and feedback session with the instructor to showcase your teaching skills and receive constructive feedback.

  • Additional guided meditation scripts for customization in your own sessions.


  • Complete the lesson as a participant by engaging with the PowerPoint presentation and participant workbook.

  • Review the Train the Trainer workbook, preparing your personalized presentation.

  • Schedule and attend the live observation and feedback session with the instructor.

  • Practice and deliver the lesson to your participants.

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