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Corporate Mindfulness Training In Atlanta

The Mindatory approach transforms the workplace by instilling crucial characteristics associated with employee wellness and productivity. We focus on cultivating: 

  • Resilience: Provide your team with the tools to navigate challenges and learn from mistakes.  

  • Emotional Intelligence: Cultivating self-awareness of emotions correspondes to less reactivity and greater conscious decision making. 

  • Wellness: Cultivating mindfulness among employees enhances wellness and boosts productivity by fostering greater focus, resilience, and emotional intelligence.


Your Training Options

Unlocking the benefits of mindfulness for your organization is seamless with Mindatory Corporate Mindfulness Training. Choose from two options tailored to suit your organizational needs.

Individual Training:

Tailor mindfulness training for specific departments, organizational levels, or based on individual interest.

Train the Trainer:

Appoint your own corporate mindfulness trainers to ensure a consistent and enduring integration of mindfulness practices throughout your organization.


Resilience is about getting back up stronger and better than ever after a setback. Mindfulness practices foster resilience, learning from mistakes, keeping a positive mindset and giving you a competitive edge.  

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Emotional Intelligence

Emotions can become intense and overhwelming in today's stressful and competitive work environment. Learn to understand and accept your emotions, encourage a smarter and more flexible emotional responses. 

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Productivity is greatly affected by how we feel. A great deal of research has substantiated the benefits of mindfulness and meditation in various indicators of well-being including physical and emotional health.

Your Lessons - Your Benefits

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