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Enhance Resilience
Emotional Intelligence

Well-Being With Corporate Mindfulness Training

Corporate Mindfulness Training
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Welcome To Mindatory

We are dedicated to empowering your workforce through proven mindfulness practices.

Our tailored programs deliver tangible results enhancing indispensible attributes of:

resilience, emotional intelligence, and well-being. 

Experience the transformative journey with Mindatory Corporate Mindfulness Training.





Give your employees the tools they need to effectively respond to the difficulties and complexities of the modern workplace with mindfulness and meditation.


Emotional Intelligence

Mindfulness and meditation improves emotional intelligence by learning to recognize the connection between feelings, thinking and reacting.   



A healthy workforce is a productive workforce. Extensive research has robustly substantiated the benefits of mindfulness and meditation to well-being. Not only are these practices effective, but they are also relatively easy to incorporate into daily routines in the workplace. 


Atlanta Focused Training

Explore the unique advantages of our Atlanta-focused training, with local expertise, on-site accessibility within a 3-hour radius, and a commitment to our community.


Mindfulness Your Way

Tailor your mindfulness training with our flexible programs - Individual Mindfulness Training allows customization based on participant interest, while the Train the Trainer Program ensures seamless integration into your organization's culture.


Decades Of Experience

Led by Diane, a seasoned therapist with over 15 years of experience, Mindatory brings unparalleled expertise in mindfulness and meditation. Join us for transformative training guided by a professional dedicated to your well-being.

Reasearch Backed Benefits Of Mindfulness In The Workplace 




Workplace Burnout

Mindfulness practices provide practical and effective strategies for decreasing stress, improving resiliency and vigor.

Workplace mindfulness practices are positively related to job performance and negatively related to turnover intention.

For every 1$ spent on employee wellness programs such as managing workplace stress, organizations realize an estimated savings of 4$ in productivity gains. 

Experience the transformative impact of mindfulness practices on your organization, employees, and profits.

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