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Corporate Mindfulness
Packages and Pricing

 Welcome to Mindatory Corporate Mindfulness. 

We are dedicated to achieving three key objectives:

  • Reslience - Give your employess tool to bounce back from adversity

  •  Emotional Intelligence - Be less reactive and more emotionally aware

  •   Well-Being - Reduce stress, improve concentration

Mindatory Corporate Mindfulness training not only result in cost savings for your corporation but also cultivate healthier and happier workspaces.

Tailored Training Options


By following these simple steps, you can tailor your corporate mindfulness training experience to precisely match your organization's objectives and preferences.

Select Your Program

  • Explore our offerings and choose between Individual Training and Train the Trainer.

  • Consider your organizational goals and preferences when making your selection.

Select Participants

  • Determine the number of participants based on your organizational needs.

  • Refer to our pricing structure for volume discounts and choose the group size that fits your requirements.

Select Online or Onsite

  • Decide whether you prefer online training or onsite program delivery.

  • Online options offer flexibility, while onsite programs provide an immersive experience.

  • Be aware of additional fees for onsite training, including travel time.

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Got Questions?                 We Got You

How long is each training session?

​Each lesson includes a powerpoint presentation and guided meditation. The lessons are typically one hour. 

Are there any pre-requisites to the program?

There are no prerequisites to begin mindfulness training. However, as the content is progressive, it is recommended that lessons be taken in sequential order.​

How do we get started with the mndfulness training?

​Call US! We want to start the relationship off with individualized customer service and attention. We will discuss the training options, and begin the preliminary process of setting dates.  

How are the training materials provided? 

All Mindatory content is delivered in PDF format to the provided email addresses​ 

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