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Mindatory Corporate Mindfulness Training

mission is to empower individuals and organizations to thrive by cultivating calm, clear minds, and fostering compassionate hearts within the workplace culture.
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My name is Diane Russell-Chrestman, LCSW

I have been a counselor in private practice for the past ten years, dedicated to assisting clients with a diverse range of issues – from serious mental health illnesses to navigating the complexities of their life's purpose as well as a surprsing number of individuals impacted by toxic work environments.


Through my experiences, I have come to believe that mindfulness and meditation are powerful tools for helping clients feel and think better. These practices have proven to be the most effective treatment modalities in my work.

Motivated by a passion for empowering individuals and organizations, I founded Mindatory Corporate Mindfulness Training. My goal is to help organizations nurture a workforce that is empowered, encourages innovative thinking, and fosters relationships that recognize and cultivate strengths.

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Contact Information




4485 Tench Rd. Bldg 1200

Suwanee, GA 30024

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 9am - 4pm
​​Saturday: 10am - 2pm
​Sunday: Closed


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